Friday, 25 November 2016

Are You a Work at Home Mom Hungry To End Your Online Marketing Struggle?

Are you a mom in business who is struggling to attract the customers you desire to your business?
or Are you a professional mom like I was thinking that you can't take the running and stress from managing your fulltime job, the children and the house and are considering launching an online business and want to have an effective way to market that business to leverage the worldwide web?

My name is JoAnne and I'm a online and network marketing professional and I stumbled across this amazing community that has helped me to really fine tune my marketing yet first, is it okay if I share a little bit about myself and why I'm writing this blog post. Likely, you are even wondering who I am and why you should listen to me :-)

Thank You!

Well I'm a professional trained accountant, blessed wife and mom of 3 boys under 10. After the birth of my 3rd son, I was dreading going back to work and looking for another opportunity that would allow me more flexibility and engage and excite me more. I had enjoyed my job in the past yet after the birth of each child, my box shifted and got me thinking is this all there is. I'd been approached by many friends before saying I would be great at network marketing yet never took the jump. I did however purchase several properties and build a small portfolio over the years of giving birth to my 3 blessings. After the birth of my third son, I hit a wall with my health, I was always relatively healthy and slim and all of sudden I was constantly getting sick and feeling exhausted..I just couldn't catch a break. Then a dear friend of mine, Satbir, shared with me the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System and the rest was history. I had an amazing experience, fell in love with the solutions and the community and that launch my foray in network marketing. I made all the classic mistakes, emailing my colleagues at work, propositioning random people on facebook, ads in newspapers, flyers in the neighbourhood...with little results. Whilst doing that i also tried to do no money down real estate investing and stock trading. I spent thousand and thousands of dollars on those REI courses (honestly I recommend staying completely away from any 3 day real estate investing course!!) and got zero results.

Well fast forward now to 3 years later, I'm frustrated, hungry for success and just determined not to give up and in fact recommitted to going 100% in and doing whatever it takes. Then I happened across this community and this free course online and let me tell after taking that course, I've gone on to do many other paid courses with this company and I have learnt more with them in weeks than I have learnt in all the other courses I have done over the years plus I now can quit the cold call and all those silly mistakes and focus on these effective online strategies and use my facebook page to really brand myself and just make friends :-)

So here's the free course that I started with that has ended my online struggle and now helping me to implement effective strategies to consistently get quality online leads that convert to customers and or business builders: 5 steps to success online

I hope that in sharing this with you, you avoid the 3 years and thousands of dollars I wasted.

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To your success

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