Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How can I help you?

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog!

My goal is to help YOU find your best balance by providing you the products, processes and power for your peak performance!

I am a lover of Jesus, married mom of 3 active boys and my journey to wellness like yours has had ups and downs.  Here's how it went:

From a young age in my nation of birth- beautiful Barbados, I was very conscious of the need to eat healthy to be well as my parents owned a vegetarian cafe and pure foods store where i worked after school, weekends and summer. It was no wonder that I soon become vegetarian. Are you or have ever tried living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle?

I immigrated to Canada to study and had my first encounter with winter. It was like WOAH! It tested me mentally, physically and emotionally and sadly it won. I made very poor health choice,  began eating all kinds of junk and meat, battled depression and gained 15 pounds. Winter is one of the toughest seasons to maintain your wellness. How do you prepare for and or sustain your health in winter? 

The summer before I entered university, I again made a conscious effort to make healthy choices with my food, thoughts and body and was able to lose most of the weight and lean out as I built more muscle. However that didn't last- I gain the frosh 15 within the 1st semester and lost it in the second with the help of some supplements(not the best choice here either) and lots of effort.

This up and down cycle continued through university, through the early career years as a professional accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and the early years of my married life. At my extremes, I slimed down to 100 and topped out the scale at 140, was lethargic, chronically constipated, was in love with sugar and carbs and very negative about myself and people around me. We all struggle with finding balance and the right space mentally, spiritually and physically. Have you found your balance? 

Fast forward to today, I'm a lover of Jesus, happily married mom of 3 boys and have been able to maintain good health- mentally, spiritually and physically using natural, mostly organic foods and supplements for the last two years which included my last pregnancy and birth of my 3rd blessing. It's a battle everyday but I consciously work on owning each of my actions, thoughts and actively trying to make a good choice each time. 

Having been through the struggles to get where I am, I want to help you take ownership of your health and find the balance and great health that you so richly deserve.

So I've bared my soul to you, tell me about your journey and where you are at now and most importantly what you feel would be the most helpful to you at this point in your life.

So how can I help you?

JoAnne Mbonigaba

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